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Homes that are built “green” are better for your family’s health, save you money in utilities and have less impact on the environment. We at Silvergate Homes pride ourselves in innovative, eco-friendly materials and construction technologies that position us years ahead of building code standards.

Silvergate Homes was proud to be the first Niagara builder to apply the ENERGY STAR environmental standard to an entire community of homes. We were also the first builder in Niagara to build “GreenHouse” certified homes.  Our environmental leadership was recognized by our peers, winning the Niagara Homebuilders Association’s very first Excellence in Green Construction/Renovation Award in 2011/2012. And we followed that up the following year, winning again in 2012/2013!

Energy Star and GreenHouse certified homes are tested by a third party air-tightness specialist, so when you move in you can be confident in a healthier, eco-friendly, energy efficient home:

  • Warmer, draft-free comfort in the winter months
  • A cooler, less damp and fresher home in the summer months
  • Drastically reduced levels of outside pollutants and allergens in the home
  • Better basements that are water tight and well insulated, reducing the chance of mold
  • Air tight windows allowing higher winter indoor humidity while eliminating mold
  • Fresh, dust-free air circulation through high efficiency heat recovery ventilation systems (HRVs) that remove moisture and odours.
  • Low VOC/ emissions paints and finishes for improved air quality throughout the home
  • Water efficient fixtures for reduced water consumption
  • Additional external insulation for reduced energy consumption
  • Insulation around all windows and door openings to ensure an airtight home- all Energystar homes complete a Blower Door Test to officially certify as a healthy home
  • LED lighting for longer lamp life and reduced electricity bills
  • 20% savings on energy costs every month
  • A 10% rebate on the mortgage insurance premium and homebuyer privilege program is available through both the Canada Mortgage and Housing Council

Lighter Environmental Footprint

Silvergate Homes’ ENERGY STAR and GreenHouse certified homes also have a lighter environmental footprint. Built to energy efficiency standards well above the provincial average, these homes typically produce two tonnes fewer greenhouse gases each year than other new homes. Other benefits to the planet include:

  • Reduced construction waste and landfill created during building process
  • Reduced use of fossil fuels and reduced emissions
  • Minimum 25% reduction in water consumption

Visit the ENERGY STAR and GreenHouse websites to learn more about the benefits of these environmental certifications.

DID YOU KNOW? Silvergate’s renovation of an older Glenridge-area home reduced annual greenhouse gas emissions by over nine tonnes.

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